Morton Sugar Cure

Total ready-to-use meat remedy for home usage. Additional guidelines are in the Morton House Meat Curing Guide.This mix is created particularly for dry curing big cuts of meat like hams or bacon. The remedy response takes longer with Morton Smoke Flavored Sugar Treat mix than with plain Morton Sugar Cure mix, so the smoke flavored product must be used only for dry curing and not for making a brine (pickle) option.

Using the Sugar-Cure
After the pieces have been pumped, usage 7 to 8 pounds. of Morton’s Sugar-Cure for each 100 lbs. of meat. Use it in two applications. For the very first application use 4 to 5 pounds. for each 100 pounds. of meat. Rub the Treatment around the bones, especially well at hock and knee joints, operating in as much as the skin covering will hold. Then rub the cure over all the meat, using a slow circular motion, using on both flesh and skin sides. After the cure has been rubbed over the pieces, load the meat in a practical place for curing.

Meat can be packed in a box or barrel or on a table. Before the pack is started, sprinkle a little Treatment over the bottom of package and over the pieces as they are packed. The heaviest pieces must be at the bottom and the lighter ones. on top. Do not load the meat over 3 feet deep.

In moderate weather condition cover package with a fabric to prevent flies from getting at the meat. In. extremely cold weather the meat ought to be covered to keep it from freezing. Meat that is permitted to freeze, either before or after it is put in remedy will never make as great a completed item as if it had not been frozen. When meat freezes the moisture in the little cells and fibers expands and bursts the meat tissues, which reduces the quality of the finished item. Remember that while if your meat does freeze. The perfect meat curing temperature level is in between 38 ° and 40 ° and the nearer this temperature level the meat can be kept while it is in cure, the better the completed product will be.

Second Application of Sugar-Cure
After the meat has been treating 4 or 5 days, Break the pack and offer a 2nd application of Sugar-Cure, utilizing about 3 pounds. Repack the meat in a different position for continuing the cure.

If a real moderate remedy is preferred, do not give the second application to bacon or small pieces. If the meat is to be used shortly after it comes from the remedy, the overall quantity of Sugar-Cure used per 100 lbs. of meat can be reduced in percentage. Where meat is to be kept from one curing season to the next, it is necessary to offer it a heavier treatment– about 7 to 8 lbs. of Cure for 100 pounds. of meat. For a mild remedy 5 to 6 pounds. suffices.

For hams and shoulders to have the very best taste they ought to season out after the remedy for some 30 to 60 days prior to being used, as well as longer is preferable. Bacon should season out 10 to 15 days prior to being used. The quantity of Treatment to utilize for 100 pounds. of meat will vary with various sections of the nation and with individual choices. It does not take as much salt to treat meat in high, dry elevations as it does in more damp areas. These points must be adjusted, depending on private choices, climatic conditions and length of time meat is to be kept.

There are a number of aspects that get in into butchering and treating that have a certain part in turning out quality meat. If an extensive bleed and an excellent chill are not obtained, souring can quickly begin prior to the meat is put in treatment.

Active ingredients:
Salt, Sugar, Propylene Glyco,.5% Sodium Nitrate,.5%Soduim Nitrite, Spice Extratives, Dextrose.

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